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Community Engagement

Having fun with other community members is more important than having the most resources collected or the highest units built.

The United Task Force welcomes any skill level from novice to expert, any participation level from casual to competitive, and any commitment level from laid-back to enthusiast.

Community Conduct

UTF members pride themselves in their commitment to fair and positive play regardless of the game being played.

We strive to maintain principles through honor and professionalism as well as doing our part to prevent griefing and cheating.

Skill Improvement

Playing with and against skilled players within the UTF can accelerate individual skill development. Regular practice sessions, feedback, and learning from experienced players can contribute to rapid improvement.

Join any of our pick-up games or scheduled events - you don't even have to be a member to participate.

Grand Strategy

The United Task Force maintains a strong emphasis on playing the objective and keeping things tactical through cooperation, coordination, and communication.

Learn, adapt, and leverage all your experience to achieve victory.

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Homeworld 3

War Games, the all-new three player co-op mode extends your game beyond the campaign. Fusing Homeworld's RTS gameplay with roguelike inspiration, commanders take on a randomized series of fleet combat challenges. Claim powerful Artifacts that augment your ships with more power, speed, and, of course, weapons. Based on your results, you'll unlock new fleets to shake up your strategy.

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NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

Take command of your hand-tailored fleet of space warships and use realistic radar, electronic warfare, advanced movement controls in 3D space, and precision targeting to outmaneuver and outwit your opponents in a simulation-heavy tactical space game like no other.

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